Band of 200

By Rain City Rock Camp for Girls

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Rain City Rock Camp for Girls makes it possible for girls to learn the value of their voices and the value of their collective power.

This year, 200 girls will pick up a guitar, bass, mic or drumsticks and learn that their voices are worth amplification, and that together their voices are louder, stronger and united. Your donation of $200 will help support Rain City Rock Camp and will ensure that every girl who comes through our doors leaves more confident, powerful and self-assured. We are dedicated to building positive self-esteem in girls and encouraging creative expression through music. We are the band.

watb1The first 200 donors who give at the $200 level will receive a beautiful handcrafted charm and bracelet engraved with the RCRC battlecry: “We are the band” made by Brittany Kollmer at B.stamped.

If you would like to donate in installments, contact us at to arrange. Donations are tax deductible and fund the general operations of Rain City Rock Camp for Girls. Make your donation online now, or send a check to:

Rain City Rock Camp for Girls
117 E Louisa St #44
Seattle, WA 98102

This campaign, and others in this special campaigns website, is our current major gift campaign for individual donors or groups of donors. If you would like to make a general donation at any level, visit our regular website here.

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  1. Susan Mitchell
  2. Cathy Jo Linn
  3. Henley Leadership Group in honor of Carly Henley
  4. Steve and Margaret Bearden/Walkky
  5. Katie O'Leary
  6. Lynn Heinisch
  7. Sue Ennis
  8. Greg Lange
  9. Crystal Yingling
  10. Rebeqa Rivers
  11. Lisa Q.
  12. Lauren Domino
  13. Lynn Heinisch
  14. Theresa Epstein
  15. Susan Geiger
  16. Mary Kaisen
  17. Henley Leadership Group
  18. Patrick Doherty
  19. Jenn Johnson
  20. Julie D
  21. Aaron Colwell
  22. Karen Corsica
  23. Joanne Factor
  24. Chuck Goom
  25. Sarah Kelly
  26. Jim Srnec
  27. Reese Tanimura
  28. Jan Waits
  29. Michelle Ward
  30. Melissa Adams
  31. Deb Salls
  32. Skye Williamson
  33. Amy Warner
  34. Jeff Smith
  35. Chris Sewell
  36. Heather Schoonover
  37. Dacia Saenz
  38. Jon Ohrt
  39. Kailin Mooney
  40. Bill McCoy
  41. Lisa Lundgren
  42. Nancy Glidden White
  43. Nancy Felke
  44. Trila Bumsted
  45. Chris Buehler
  46. Kate Kendrew
  47. Kira Shea
  48. Janice Blair
  49. Wayne Foley & Jessica Wetter
  50. Al & Linda Gutterman
  51. Ken Cummings
  52. Joseph Perera
  53. Jill Hovey
  54. Heather Urschel
  55. Bonnie Schafer
  56. Donna Walker
  57. Carrie Fry
  58. Cami Fink
  59. Beth O'Connor
  60. Fia Gibbs
  61. Carrie Pruitt
  62. Melissa Travis
  63. Diane Andolsek
  64. eva piccininni
  65. Michelle O'Connolr
  66. Shirley Roberson
  67. aNdi pUzL
  68. Joanne Factor
  69. Jillayne Schlicke
  70. Anne Hindman
  71. Patsy Burgess
  72. Beth Altman
  73. Natalie Walker
  74. Barb Telford
  75. Leslie Woodworth
  76. Amy Fry
  77. Tilly Rodina
  78. daniellebernadette
  79. Judith Blair
  80. Amy Henderson
  81. Ann Bradford
  82. Dawn Schellenberg
  • 77 Backers

    Join The Band Now!

  • 6 Backers

    You And A "Bandmate!"

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